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01:30am 11/01/2004
  Really, I would change the colors and such in here, but I just never update it. I feel more comfortable at deadjournal than I do here. I have too many journals as it is. Only one that I actually do update. I guess this is just a place holder for me if anything happens on DJ.

Deadjournal is ...where my "new" life started, par se. It's when I came into Paganism (Wicca at the time) and a first true boyfriend. One I still have and love today. And yes, love, Young people can find love. I have matured, grown, made new friends, lost others, and learned I can still live when something bad happens. I guess this is the end of this journal for now. Until then.

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02:29pm 11/06/2003
mood: calm
Pretty icon?

I like it. And no, you can't have it.

Soap Oprahs blow. They should be taken off the air. I really don't think anyone really has that much drama in their life. If they did...they and everyone around would have been dead long ago. Death here, betrayle there, no one would be able to stand it. I'm suprised the actors can still even smile anymore off of the show.

Ok, all done.

It's thundering outside, at sounds wonderful. Thunderstorms are great, nice, and peaceful.

Great time for a protection spell too.

Oh yeah, the trailer is at the dealers, we just have to go pick it up now. Yay! (well actually this weekend)

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11:25am 17/05/2003
mood: rushed
Look at that...I'm not dead

But i bet there are people out there who really wish i was. Oh well, likewise to you, you stupid bitches.

Anyway, 9 months! For me and Reggie that is. I can't wait, and it is 2 days after my birthday!

That is the 27th for those who care and didn't know. I'll finally be 15, but damn, i still have that feeling i should be a year older than that. I have felt 15 all this year, oh well, it just means i have more time to be a teenager, yay.

Yeah, i figure that since i'm a teenager, and i don't have to have a job and everything right now, i'm going to try and not waste it.

But anyway, must get ready to go to my grandmother's house.
Shes still a kickin old lady and i love her to death, later

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10:01am 12/02/2003
mood: Mad at myself
Well, it has been a long time to write in here. It always is a long time before I get in here it write. Reggie and I are up to 6 months this month. I love him so so dearly. I want him to always know that. I miss him so much right now, and all I want to do is see him and be able to talk to him and be with him. Gods, I love him, I love him, I love him!!

The reason I am home is because of myself and the cat. I was running to hurry and get in my room to change a song on the computer for dad to hear before he would get mad at me, not including the fact the cat likes to try and steal food if you aren't guarding it. So I was running into my room and the cat decided to follow me, getting under my feet at the same time. Between the force of trying to move my foot out of the way and running, when it hit the door frame, it either sprained, broke, or threw my toe out of place. I'm not sure what happened but here I am sitting here, trying to just keep from putting too much pressure on it. I can walk on it, but of course it hurts, but nothing I can't handle. It just slows me down.. a lot. I am still going to Reggie's Friday. I want to spend that day with him so much and I am going to.

Hopefully focusing energy into my toe will help it to heal faster. I know it helped with the majority of that cold I had. When it was still dragging people down after 5 days, I was good to go after two. Focusing does help, seems like more than medicine.

I miss Reggie so. I want it to be four now so I can call him and talk to him. I hate having to stay at home. I was going to call him this moring, but I woke up too early then fell asleep again and when I woke back up, it was too late to call him. I wanted to beat myself up for that. I wanted to call him so much and tell him how much I love him. I'm still mad at myself and I will be more than likely for a while. I just want to see him so much, it hurts that I can't see him right now.

Well I had better go for now. Bye.

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New Computer   
05:26pm 19/12/2002
mood: sore
So i finally got a new computer. I <3 it so much. It is all black and pretty. Anyway, about it: it's a Dell(DUDE!! I Got a Dell!! heh heh)Dimension, w/ Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP, Aol 7.0 (already on it, i need to download 8.0), PSP 7.05, MusicMatch, Word Perfect 10 Roxio CD Creator 5 (along with the cd burner already in it, :}) 256 MB, and...well a flat screen. I love it, it's fast a the screen is all..whats the word..clear. You see pictures like never before, they are byootiefull on here. Exams are over!! Thank the gods! I got a 100% on my Chorus test, which took only maybe 15 min. to do. Seems like i was the only one that got 100% on it because i was the only name she called out. We got to watch Sleepy Hollow (with Johnny Depp), well from the part where he kills the woman and then snatchs the child from under the floor. I was sick the day before so i missed the beginning but i've seen it before so it was no biggie. I have no idea what i got on the Myth, she gaves us a exam on writing terms and crap like that, nothing to do with Mythology. She sucks for doing that. Love pulled that on us for the Mid-Term Exams too. I really don't think i did so hot on my World History, I wasn't able to study too well and today and felt like shit. You try to study and/or take an exam drugged up on medicine, it's hard, i'll tell you that. Well i think i did ok on the Science exam, it was pretty easy though. There were 100 multiple choice questions and we got 2 free ones and the last few were stupid and simple. So tomorrow i hope to go to the barn with Reggie at 12. it would be later but dad has to drop me off with mom earlier so he can go to work. I get to see Martin! (my brother for those who don't know)He told me he got me something from Japan, so :} all of you, i get the cool Japan-ese stuff straight from Japan! He has missed like maybe 4 birthdays and 3 Yules, oh well, 'least i get to see him Friday or Saturday. So thats about all for now, only that we're finally off for Yule break (christmas to those who aren't Wiccan). Ta for now!

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06:00pm 13/12/2002
mood: mixed moods
AHHHHH LOOK!! Zips Chocolate Chip Thats Delight's Great-grandfather!! Whee! i hope i can get him...i dunno when. I already have Zippo Pine Bar who is the father of Zip's Chocolate Chip and the Great-great-grandfather of Delight (Delightful Lil Zip) but books come first (tell me which ones you like). And these are some other ones: Secretariat and Strapless
so any way, i don't know what i'm doing this weekend at this point, only that i am going Yule shopping (me doing the shopping and dad just paying for it) and to get a tree. i would rather spend it with Reggie but i have to go do all that crap ;.; any way i wrote this earlier while talking to Kate, at seems like a teenager wouldn't say something like this, 'specially about their brother 'i guess they don't really understand that we actually do miss them, and no matter how much they pick on us or we pick on them, we'll always love them and care for them' (me adding 'and miss them') Damn, my knee hurts so much, no idea why, just does, and no bruise either, weird. ::does a little dance:: meeehhh cold sore ish goin awayyy. Wooo. But it is all...dry and owie like. Sorreh to be nasty here, but if i laugh or yell or just open my mouth too wide, it feels like it has spilt, it hurts so much when it does that, more than it ever has before when i have had a cold sore. so about the horse wise. i have started breaking Delight finally. She is doing good, but she is a lazy ass. she can go a little longer than before but iam going to have to keep working her longer and longer to get her endurance up. I cantered her last time and she did good, with only one little crow hop. Otherwise, school is ok, i think i'll pass World History, i always do good on the tests, the lowest score being a 81% and thats because i didn't get done, i got maybe 1 or two of the multiple choice and none on the short (not the answers i wrote) answer questions thats i got to. I finished today though! i might get a 100% or 98%. it would be nice getting a 100%. and the test in Science that i took yesterday, i got a 96%. Whee! i actually make good test grades in all my classes. if they gave you the grades that your tests average to, i would have upper or normal A's in each class. -.- sucks that that can't happen. oh and in Chorus, we actually were able to watch a good movie that had us all 'raving' you might say. it was Amadaus (Mozart's middle name, Wolfgang Amadaus Mozart), really good, and you have to love his laugh ( Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah )i'm serious, it's so damn funny. and thats about my life at the moment. Not having anyone to take you anywhere or having a license sucks, my life is at the house mostly, and that is really not a life worth living. That reminds me of a little note thing i took yesterday, 'i've noticed something. watching a commercial for scooters, i seems like that will be the biggest thing in our lives to look forward to when we get older. instead of hobbling around, we'll just looke like big rasins on wheels. and this is what live has to offer be walking, or if you get lucky, pop-a-wheeling rasins.' somewhat comical, somewhat serious, all true. well i had better go now. if i find something interesting later, i shall prevail over...something..and write again. (and since my life is rather boring, that most likely won't happen) Ta.

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09:54pm 14/11/2002
mood: giddy
surprise, surprise. i'm actually writing in here. i just the urge to write. things have been pretty good lately. i have a loving boyfriend who actually cares what i think and i can talk with about a lot of things. friend wise i'm doing pretty good, i have quite a few of new friends since i started high school, some i know better than others, but they are friends none the less (i.e. Becca, Jasun, Kevin, John, Ashley, Ron (meh buddah!!)Savannah, TJ, Bobby, Shelia, Kayla) then there is Lerien who has become more of a friend this year, and Melissa, we talk more then we ever did before too. classes suck as all classes tend to do, but oh well, i'm almost done with them. i have started reading books again which i neglected over the summer to do. i am on "The Tale of the Body Thief" right now, along with the first few pages of 'Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner". I have tons of wiccan books on my wish and even and calender and datebook for witchs (whee! :DD). its cool, it shows waxing and waning moons and when to plant herbs and good stuff like that. AND AND I GET TO HAVE A HERB GARDEN SOON AND GET A HORSIE TRAILER NEXT YEARRR!!!! i'm happy about that. can't wait. i tihnk dad is finally realizing me being Wiccan isn't going away any time soon. but i have been a bad girl and haven't been doing my studying as i should, i'm postponing my one year initiation till i feel like i have learned what i need to learn. that hopefully should be soon since i have a few days for thanksgiving, and then if not finished, yule/christmas break should give me some time. any who, i wish i could get down to the stables more often to ride cobalt. and and oh this is so cool. dad has delight already used to the blanket and the saddle. she'll trot with the saddle with noo bucks Eeee. she is such a good horse. we are going to loung her with the saddle for about a month to strengthen up her back muscles, adding weight (bags with sand) as we go along, she'll be easy to break except for the fact she is edgy about things around her. she is so pretty though and i should have no problem getting her to jog (for dad on trail rides) since you can get her to do that already in the round pen. this is long enough so i'll leave you with all of that. i will try to return once more and update about other stuff. 'Night.

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08:46pm 10/09/2002
mood: happy
YaY!! a updatee. Whee! while everyone was in Camden this weekend, i was at Black Bottom, on a horsie shopping spree with my mom, i got; breeches, tall boots, socks, another show jacket (black), long sleeved show shirt, nice little pin for the collar, western show pants, slinky (red wih black plaid-ish sparkly velvet), new black western hat, tie-dye sleazy, black sleazy tail bag (the 3 part one), Twinkle spray on gold dust glitter stuff, black hair-bow with little horses hanging off of it, and Zippo Pine Bar Breyer(Delight's great-great-grandfather). Eeeee. all that fun stuff oh oh, i forgot the english saddle cover. i love the sleazy, co-bee-balt looks so cute in ittttt. :D anyways, thats it for now.

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04:30pm 08/08/2002
mood: pissed off
ok, to all of you who are my friends, your the only ones now that can see this, i'm SICK AND TIRED of kim and her little 'friends' commenting in my journal. so this is it

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09:58pm 07/08/2002
mood: bitchy
ok, first thing, there is NO such thing as a butt monkey. Nope, never was and i doubt there ever will be. second, you just don't just 'monkey' in vain like that (unless good reason, and if you think that is a good reason, your retarded). third, it might have worked if one had said 'butt of a monkey' but they went ahead and said butt monkey, which, like i said, is not an animal, better yet a bad one to be! SO QUIT COMMENTING IN HERE AND GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT MY JOURNAL WHICH WILL NEVER AGAIN MENTION ANYTHING OF YOU! GET THAT, I HOPE YOU DO! and you can kinda look around it..there is nothing about you anymore. more. thank you
02:52am 05/08/2002
mood: sore
what a weekend. horse show one day, shopping the next. Cobalt did awesome at the show..specially english. he won all of his english classes, which means i got my first 1st place. never thought i would actually get 4 1st places in one show, see's being as i had never gotten any before hand. i also got a 3rd and a 2nd in my other western classes. the 3rd one i got because i had forgotten to switch my way of holding the reins over, and the 2nd one was because chip was in the class, and Cobalt really wasn't doing as good as he could have. i think maybe..the bit might have had something to do with it. it was a new bit that dad hat do but otherwise i wouldn't have been able to show western. i dunno, it was a little different then my tom thumb so he might not have liked that too much. oh well, i'll try to remember everything next time. oh, and i won like $60 in all and hi-point for 13-18, which got me a cool garment bag with ' Tri-Country Open Horse Show; 13-18 Hi-Point' i would say that was an awesome show, wouldn't you? anyway, about the shopping. first of all we stopped by the Goody's in west columbia, where i found...nothing. well nothing i liked. seemed like all they catered to were preps.then me and dad headed off to Dillards where we met up with Jenni. we looked around for a bit and i found a few things i liked. i tryed them on and i loved one of the shirts and the pair of pants i picked out. turned out i could get the shirt but not the pants (them being too much and all) then off to the irmo Goody's. there..of all places....i found all this uber shibby black stuff. i was like running around actually having a good time, even by myself looking for stuff. one reason too was my dad wasn't over my shoulder bugging me about what he wanted and didn't want me to get. i finally, for the first time ever, got to completely pick out all my cloths while i was with him. i got; 3 pairs of black flares, a pair of red and black plaid flares, a black peasant shirt that ties up in the front top part and unzips in the back bottom part, and a emo-ish black, lightgray, and darkgray stripy 'v' neck shirt with black collar. and the one i got from Dillards had a faerie on the front w/ long sleeves that go past my hands and have a little slit in them. and i pulled the 'v' in the neck together with some pins, which makes it look really shibby. i'm going to go shopping again this weekend coming up with mom, Jamie, and Manda. i'll go and get some stuff from Hot Topic and Gadzooks hopefully. i'll find some good stuff.. you just wait. so off to bed with me now, i'm sore and tired, and i need to change.....again.. into something more sleepable-in like.

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05:04pm 02/08/2002
mood: amused

Why did I have to be Michelle??
You can take this test of cheese whiz HERE!!

hehe, that is cute, but i liked Amanda aka Panda from Hamtaro. any way, i just wanted to change my lj around a bit and put this in her because it messed up in the email so i could save it.. oh well. update will come soon. i promise

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01:59pm 26/07/2002
mood: okay
i'll post Sunday or Monday, depends when i get on.

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12:44am 04/07/2002
mood: mellow
I didn't feel like posting last night, yeah, i'm lazy like that. i just got done dancing. it was great fun, i haven't danced like that in a long while. I downloaded some songs from Practical Magic, and the lucky songs so far areeee... "lime in the coconut", "got to give it up"(by marvin gaye, woot!), "is this real", "crystal", "if you ever did believe", and the theme. anyways about the otherday. well, i woke up and went to the barn. then Jenni and Ashley got there and we were deciding on what to do when Jenni called her mom back and her mom suggested swimming, and we all agreed. first we went to wal-mart and bought pool stuff.we all got the baby floaty things. Ashley got the froggie, i got the hippo, and jenni got the bumble bee. they were all cute. but i got a 48' blowup ball for the pool too. needless to say, it never got blown up all the way. anywayss, we went to the gas-station afterwards and jenni got me a baby coke since i spent all my money on pool stuff and my shibby little neon orange sandles. well we went to Jenni's and swam and all. i actually got a ti niny litte tan, but i reallyyyy need to work on my legs, i'll do that tomorrow, well today actually. we then went to TCBY and i got a chiller. it was uber nummy. and to the barn. Jenni lounged Cody with a bit to see if he would let you pull on it and all without showing much pain and it seems he did good. i lounged Cobalt in the big ring and he was acting like an ass before i really got onto him. after that, he did pretty good. Ashley and Jenni rinsed/washed their horses and put them out beside the barn, and i put Cobalt out there with them to cool off a bit. we started to hear some thunder and decided to ride before it rained. Jenni rode Lady and Ashley rode Cody and me..Cobalt. We switched later on twice so everyone got to ride each other's horses. we then went down the road, where it started to rain lightly. it was so nice, the sun was out and the rain cooled us off. we rode by the pasture and i pointed out how pretty it was and said i had always wanted wo ride in a pasture while it was raining and Ashley said the same thing, she just added bareback. sounds like fun to me. i was tempted to go in the pasture and od it, but i didn't. we actually didn't get all that wet, so i guess that is good. When we all untacked and put the horses up, me and Jenni left for her house after Ashley got her stickers she bought for Bill out of the truck. Me and Jenni sat around till her dad/mom got done with dinner and we could eat. i would have gone stright home, but there was a huge black cloud looming overhead and she doesn't like driving in the rain. Janet said she would drive me home with Jenni and she did, crazy ass. It ended up the worst of the storm was over here at the time she drove me home and everyone was a little edgy. i got home ok and all but Janet lost her way right at the end of the road. Jr meet them at the PB and he have them directions. so they made it home ok too. nice night huh. well tonight wasn't as exciting. and i have to go before dad calls back.. and plus i have to wake up at 7:00 am to go to the barn. 'night

P.S. i am going to change the style again soon, once i get the time. I'm thinking..well i might use my "lily on the coffin" picture and go with that theme. don't know, i'll figure it out.

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03:20pm 27/06/2002
mood: disappointed
well no barn last nigth and no jenni's. i really don't want dad to go on second shift next week. that means i have to be quiet throughout the day and then go to bed a little earlier. i don't like that at all. well anyways. what i did do last night was talk to marshall before that storm almost hit, then i worked on 2 other journals. Kayleigh and Vic also seem happy with them. and the one thing i hate is that i missed up on a good spell casting opportunity last night. i wanted to do a protecton chimes spell but i have no chimes, sooo..i couldn't really do it. they say lighting storms help with protection spells. and i missed my chance to see if it was true. damn. oh well. another time.

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03:37am 26/06/2002
mood: tired
Whee! i helped two friends this morning with their journals. they both look shibby. and they both love them. i also supplied both of them with pictures. i love danny's picture. addy was going to use it at first, but being the sweet person he is, he let danny use it and now, i have no idea which one addy is going to use. he might use the silent drama death one. he(addy) just asked me what stuffed animal i would like to be. i said homemade bear, they get loved the most. i know because the stuffing is all gone form the neck of mine that my mom made for me a while back. so anyway, i might spend the night tomorrow at jenni's i dunno yet. depend on jr and what he is doing. he needs to learn to make up his mind earlier then 9 or 10, dumbass. anyways tired.

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10:11pm 27/05/2002
mood: kinda pissed and kinda happy
Happy Birthday to me! Thats right, the big one four. WOW (sarcastic here)My mom called me at like 3:30 to wish me happy birthday (which i hardly remember what she said)and then jenni called at like 10:45, waking me up again. Jr took the phone and was like "i know what you want for your birthday." Me,"what do i want Jr?" Him, "a man(country accent here), a big 'ol stripper man." I couldn't stop laughing, he is such a country bumpkin. (hehe, i know you'll read this sometime so don't you even get mad at me) Then later my family came over for a cookout and cake and the whole birthday crap. Then to the barn i went. I lounged Cobalt for a little bit and he did good, the whole time i was just waiting for Ashley or Kristin to say happy birthday or something. Well, i went back in and changed bridles and got rid of the whip and everything and went back out to ride in the ring. Still nothing. I rode for a while and talked to Michelle and them forgetting. I don't blame her and Steph. They didn't even know about it. But then after she left, i even went and stood over at the fence, and still they said nothing. They then decided to leave and of course they didn't say anything to me at ALL! Those two have changed so much. They both act so snobby now. I hate to say it, but they do. Oh well, i just won't do shit for their's. Not even a Happy Birthday. And they had better not espect a present. Forget that. But i did get a present and happy birthday from an unespected person. Kim got me "The Vampire Armand" and a little note. She even put time into making a cover for the book. I told her that she was trying to rush back into being friends too fast, and we just needed to take time. I can't wait till tomorrow, Jenni and i are going to go do something, don't know what, but something. Oh and here is all i got for mt birthday

2.Knife (Gerber, sharp, hehe)
3.Spider-man soundtrack
4.Shirt (not my style, but oh well)
6."The Vampire Armand"
7.M & M's emerald ring (gold)
9. and maybe even a friend back.

I'll update and tell you if i get anything else. Thats it. No more.

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11:32pm 26/05/2002
mood: awake
A change. I kinda needed one. Plus soemthing to do. I have 4 new icons and I changed the color scheme of another. And the title and stuff doesn't really mean anything, just an idea I got when I looked at the picture. I guess thats all, no more to sya for right now, except, that mt birthday is tomorrow! wow, i feel like i should be 15 and not 14.

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10:39pm 02/05/2002
mood: *bobs head from side to side*
I can lead my horse to water, AND make him drink! Aren't I great? Co-bee-balt hurt his mouth and it was bleeding, but after a quick clean, it stopped. After I turned him out, I walked down the road a little bit. I picked a lot of honeysuckles, some little tiny white flowers, and a few seedy, type things that are some what like babys breath. It smells wonderful. I know the honeysuckles are a little late for decorations for Beltane (it was yesterday), like I say, better late than never. Also, I told dad that I'm wiccan. I think he took it pretty well. I told him about what I believe and I think he understands that I have my own beliefs and he respects that. thats all

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03:36pm 01/05/2002
mood: blank

kissed your cousin : erm.. nope, only hugs
ran away : nope.
pictured your crush naked : No crush right now, and i don't think I ever had, welll... maybe
actually seen your crush naked : nope, see up ^
broken someone's heart : I'm not sure, if I did, they would have to tell me
been in love : I thought about this,
cried when someone died : yes
wanted someone you knew you couldnt have : yes
broken a bone : no
drank alcohol : yes
lied : yes
cried in school : yes

*do you believe in*

love at first sight : yes
god : no..Gods yes
kisses on the first date : yes
monsters : mosterous people
horoscopes : hey, it they are good, hell yeah
aliens : there has to be something out there
ghosts : yes
heaven : no
hell : no

*which is better*

coke or pepsi : pepsi.
sprite or 7up : sprite.
obese or anorexic : anorexic.
girls or guys : girls for intelligence and guys for.. well you know what guys are for. lmao
flowers or candy : flowers.
scruff or clean shaven : Depends on the person
quiet or loud: quiet, but loud when I'm hyper
pools or hot tubs : both
blondes or brunettes : either
bitchy or slutty : bitchy.
tall or short : just a bit taller then i am
one pillow or two : 2
gap, american eagle, or columbia : ughhh. none

*the preferred sex*

what do you notice first : eyes
last person you slow danced with : well I don't know if dancing with Will in a im counts
worst thing to do : there is a lot
best place you know of to go : Wal-mart or just around Lexington
short or long hair : short most of the time, but long is ok on some people
piercings or none : I don't quite care all that much

*the last time*

showered : This morning
had sex: nope
have been to a party: erm... not really
had a great time with the opposite sex: the other day

*what is*

your good luck charm : I don't really have one
person you hate the most : I *dislike*; Hollie, Kenny, Megan Stuart, Crysal Roddy, Amy Dumbleburger
the worst song you've ever heard : any Brintany spears song ( and I don't give a flying fuck how her name is spelled)
the best thing that has happened to you today : got done with pact (thank the gods)


color : black, neon orange, and green
movie : Er.. well right now Interview with the Vampire, but i haven't seen QOTD yet
book : The book, Oueen of the Damned
subject in school : English 1 and South Carolina History
online buds : Will, Jimmy, thats about it that i can think of right now
juice : orange
place to go when there's no where else to go: barn or wal-mart
cars : Dodge trucks and cameros
food : ermm. what ever appeals to me then
ice cream : Moose Tracks
soft drink : Pepsi
sports : horseback riding.
holiday : Christmas.
season : Spring
breakfast food : Nothing
places to go with your friends : wal-mart, lexington Ihop


makes you laugh the most : Jenni, kt, and will
makes you smile : will
gives you a funny feeling whenever you see them : dunno
has a crush on you : no one i know of
have a crush on : i like people but no crushes
gives you kisses : Cobalt, delight, Dolly and Baby, and my mom ::wipes cheek::
like to kiss : Cobalt, Delight

*do you ever*

sit by the phone waiting for a phone call the whole night: no
save emails : yes, depends on whats in it ore who sent it
wish you were someone else : not really, well not anymore
wish you were a member of the opposite sex : no
want to look different : yeah, smaller nose
cried because of someone's mean words : yeah


song lyrics: "Forsaken"
cologne : eww, no, not a guy an i
perfume : Still Waters
kiss : Cobalt, the best hosie kisses in the world
romantic memory: none come to mind right now

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